Cannabinoids gets rid of Asthma-Related Symptoms

Asthma can be a very disturbing disease because it affects the breathing ability of a person. The airway to the lungs becomes smaller in those who suffer from this disease. When the airway becomes smaller, it is difficult to breathe and decreased amount of Oxygen reaches the lungs. All these can lead to various complications, ultimately resulting in respiratory failure. Though there are some drugs available for the treatment of asthma, they all have side effects and can be dangerous. For example, some drugs that are used in the treatment of asthma can trigger a sudden increase in the heart rate and can even be fatal in some cases. It is important to use a drug that is focused on the treatment of asthma, without causing any side effects.

Medical marijuana like Aurora Indica and others is one of the drugs that will be able to get rid of the complications of the disease. Some of the complications of asthma and their treatment with marijuana are listed here:

1. Infections: Infections are common in a person with asthma. This is because there is collection of secretions in the lungs and this can get infected. Medical marijuana can act as a bactericidal drug and can help in killing various kinds of bacteria and other micro organisms that cause disease. So, it is important that a small dose of this drug is used every day to get rid of any chance of infections.

2. Spasm of the bronchus: Asthma can cause severe spasm of the bronchus. Bronchus is the pathway through which the air that we breathe in is taken to the lungs. When there is spasm to the bronchus, only a decreased amount of air enters the lungs. This can lead to various problems and complications in the breathing pattern. It can also lead to respiratory distress and respiratory failure in severe cases. So, asthma needs to be treated with spasm relieving drugs. Marijuana can help in doing just that. It can help to get rid of the spasm of the bronchus and increase the size of the airway. This helps more air to enter the lungs and gets rid of the respiratory distress.

Marijuana can also treat and overcome other problems caused by asthma. It can act as an agent that brings out the mucus from the lungs. It can also help in reducing the inflammatory reactions that occur in those who suffer from asthma. Lack of inflammation will improve the breathing ability of the affected person. So, medical marijuana can help in the treatment of asthma in different ways and many others problems aswell.

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Marijuana can counter deadly cancer of the brain

There are different forms of brain cancer, but one of the most dangerous brain cancers is the malignant glioma. This is considered to be deadly because it has a very high risk of spreading quickly to other organs in the body. This can cause rapid deterioration in the health of the affected person and can also prove to be fatal. Researchers have shown that such deadly cancer can be countered effectively with the use of marijuana. Though it has not yet been studied in humans, it is on the verge of being experimented following a huge success in similar studies on rats.

How does medical marijuana get rid of brain cancer?

Medical marijuana consists of different compounds and one of them helps in countering the cancer cells. Cannabinoids are the compound that is extracted from marijuana. This has proved to be effective against cancer and so when marijuana is consumed as it is, it is also likely to be effective against cancer cells.

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    By reducing ability of cancer cells to grow: Growth is possible only when the growing conditions are right. A cell can grow only when it has adequate nutrition. When cancer cells need to proliferate, they use the nutrients of the normal cells to spur their growth. The normal cells die because of lack of nutrients. The medical marijuana helps in doing just the opposite. It helps to maintain the nutrition of the normal cells while the nutrition of the cancer cells is cut off. This causes death of the brain cancer cells.

  2. By reducing ability of cancer cells to spread: The cancer will be potent only when it spreads to other parts of the body. Malignant glioma is one of the most malignant cancers. Medical marijuana is able to reduce the ability of these cancer cells to spread to other organs. So, the malignancy itself is controlled and this is why the deadly cancer is countered effectively.
  3. By reducing ability of cancer cells to multiply: Cancer cells can multiply rapidly because of the good nutritious supply of minerals and vitamins that is available to them through blood. The medical marijuana helps to cut off the blood supplied to the cancer cells. This cutting off of nutrients is selective and only the cancer cells are at the receiving end. So, their ability to multiply is controlled and this in effect helps the disease itself to be controlled.

These are the various ways in which the deadly malignant glioma, a type of brain cancer can be treated with medical marijuana. 

Overcome Multiple sclerosis symptoms with Medical marijuana

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disabling condition that causes slow deterioration in the life of a person. Multiple sclerosis can lead to severe pain sensation in various parts of the body. The pain itself can be in different forms. Some affected people will feel a sharp shooting pain while others may feel a tingling sensation. When they suffer with such altered sensation day in and day out, it can lead to severe depression in the affected individual. Medical marijuana can help to overcome such severe and chronic symptoms.

There are several symptoms of multiple sclerosis that can be overcome with medical marijuana as listed here:

  1. Pain relief: Pain is one of the most chronic and disabling symptoms present in a person suffering from multiple sclerosis. Pain relief is one of the primary goals of treating a person with this disease. Pain relief can be achieved with traditional medications, but since this disease is a chronic one, regular use of these pain killers can cause serious side effects. Medical marijuana can be the treatment of choice for such people who have these chronic symptoms because the risks of major side effects are eliminated with the use of this medication, even if it is used for many months on a continuous basis.
  2. Reduced Muscle spasms: Muscle spasm is closely related to pain. This is because severe pain in any part of the body can cause the muscles to tighten up to prevent further movement in the part of the body. This is the protective reaction by the body to prevent further damage. When medical marijuana is used by people who suffer from this disease, there is a drastic reduction in the pain. When there is a reduction in the pain, it can also lead to relief from the associated muscle spasm.
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    Enhanced bladder control: Though a person with multiple sclerosis may not have incontinence, there is a frequent urge to urinate. This is due to the muscle spasm in the bladder. When the medical marijuana is used, it can help to reduce the spasm of the bladder muscles. This helps in preventing the urge for frequent urination.

  4. Enhanced sleep: Lack is sleep is another common complaint of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. Lack of sleep is primarily because of the pain. When a person uses the medical marijuana, it helps to reduce pain and any other alteration in sensation. This pain relief makes it possible for the patient to sleep well.

The medical marijuana is not just helpful in multiple sclerosis patients, but it is useful to alleviate symptoms in various other diseases too.